Awards, Achievements and Changes

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Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. Continues to Lead the Industry in Rotterdam and Many Other Areas of Central New York State.

As of January 2013, Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. realized a 10% growth in Customer Base; A Revenue Growth of of over 12%; along with a 25% Growth in Profits.  This growth coupled with some reorganization of services allowed us to maintain our prices throughout 2014 while reinvesting the profits to gain experienced personnel and upgrade our equipment as well as expand in the areas of Technology and Management.

Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. continues to be recognized as one of the Top Independant Retail Facility Janitorial Services Providers in the Central New York Area

Fletcher's Windows Plus' commitment to quality and professional service awarded us Service Provider of the Year in 2009 by one National Organization.  This achievement set our sites on even higher goals and has earned us the position of one of , if not THE BEST JANITORIAL SERVICES COMPANy IN THE CENTRAL NEW YORK AREA.

Reaching out to other National Retail Facility Management/Maintenance Companies while still providing all of our services for customers of all sizes, we have developed primarily into a Retail Facility Janitorial Services company providing services at over 150 locations throughout Central New York State and specializing in Retail Floor Cleaning Services as well as other related Retail Facility Cleaning Services.


Along with these major achievements, here is a list at some of our other achievements in 2014.

  • Structured Employee System - Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. now employes has several full and part time employees with a structured management system.
  • Professional Staff & Top Quality Equipment - We have developed a reputation of acquiring and maintaining professional service technicians and providing them with the right equipment to complete the task at hand to a level of quality our customers deserve.
  • 100% Service Completion Rating -  In 2011 we incorporated stand-by and specialized vehicles to be ready in the event of a break down or emergency.  All vehicles and equipment are maintained to strict standards and can travel the distance our customers require. This action has allowed us to ensure dependability of services in any circumstance and has awarded us a 100% Service Completion Rating
  • 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating - Placing strong focus on Service Quality, Dependability, & Customer Relationships has awarded Us a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating. We took the time to get to know our Customers and Their needs and we're striving for 100% Customer Satisfaction in 2014.
  • Fully Stocked Warehouse for equipment and supplies - Our home office location constists of a fully stocked, newly renovated and built to suit 5,200 square foot warehouse with managerial office space, an equipment repair and maintenance room, a wash room, and seperate chemical supply space based in Rotterdam, NY with quick access to major highway routes leading throughout Central and Eastern New York.
  • New Equipment - With the length of time we've been in busines, we developed the attitude of "Out with the Old and In with the New."  Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. continues to not only Maintain Equipment to high professional standards, but also continues to purchase new technology and equipment assuring we are current with todays processes and have the equipment to stay "Ahead of the pack" with efficiency, dependability, and service reliability.  Equipment over three years old has been rotated out and replaced with newer more dependable equipment.  This process is preventing equipment break-downs and ultimately attributing to our Service Completion Rating.
  • Real Time Communication between offices - Fletcher's Windows Plus has established "direct link" real time communications between all Field Offices and the Corporate Office with up to date Internet Technology capable of handling all office related duties in a matter of moments.  This technology alows for immediate Document Transfer and has dramatically increased our "Completed to Paper" time to allow our customers to review completed services and get their billing out faster.
  • Expansion of Management Personnel - Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. now has an experienced and professional Management Team to assist with Quality Control & Customer Relations as well as Crew Supervision and Dispatch.
  • Customer Expansion - Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. now provides janitorial services at over 150 locations for customers ranging from Independant Business Owners & Corporate Office Managers to National Facility Management Companies. Fletcher's Windows Plus now provides service for serveral Office Buildings, Retail Sites, Warehouses, Post Construction Sites, and other locations.
  • Over 40 million square feet of floor cleaned, polished, and/or waxed.

Mr. Fletcher realizes we could not have achieved these accomplishments without the repeat business from satisfied customers combined with the word of mouth referrals received due to the high commitment to quality and customer service that Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. has been and will continue to be dedicated to.

Mr. Fletcher is taking this year to focus on Service Dependability & Quality by taking a proactive approach towards communication technology and productivity.

Here is a list of some of the Goals for 2014:

  • Adavancing IT & Communications incorporating real time communication between offices, field personnel, & our customers.
  • Expansion to On-Call Personnel and Stand-By Personnel.
  • Upgrading of Company Vehicles & Equipment.
  • Relocation of our main warehouse facility closer to our corporate office. 
  • Streamlining our service routes and personnel to improve in timeliness of service and keep our rates competitive.