Tile Floor Care

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A Great Looking Floor Enhances The Entire Room

Proper Tile Floor maintenance begins with the proper Cleaning.  Proper cleaning begins with the correct preparation.  At Fletcher's Windows Plus we have the tools and the knowledge to complete the job.  In most cases, we can make your old tile look new again.

The Yellow Warning Signs

Over time your Vinyl Tile Floors can begin to devolpe yellow spotty patches due to wax build up and/or heavy traffic.  Most often these spots can be removed with a good deep scrubbing and/or a new coat of wax; if they are taken care of early enough.  When the damage reaches too deep the floor will have to be stripped of the old wax and three to five new coats of wax will have to be applied.  This can become costly.  We recommend scrubbing every six months or at the very least; at the first sign of yellowing. 

Similar problems can occur with Ceramic Tile Floors as well. Heavy foot traffic begins to cause excess dirt to build up not only on the tile, but in the grout between.  Soon after this occurs, normal mopping no longer seems to get the floor clean.  The grout appears dark from grease and or dirt build up and the tile will turn a yellowish brown.  A proper scrubbing and if necessary a bleaching of the tile will most often resolve the issue.  We recommend scrubbing of tile floors every six months depending on the amount of traffic they receve.

Our Process

Quality floor scrubbing and waxing requires a technique that only an experienced professional can provide.  Having cleaned several million square feet of floor, we have the experience to get even the toughest floors clean.  Our process removes the dirt and grime from the center of the floor to the edges and yes, even in the corners.  We take the time to assure that no tile is left untouched.  The floor stripped of the old finish and then scrubbed with a neutral cleaning solution, vacuumed, dried, and finally the new finish is applied.  A second and third coat is applied until the desired sheen is achieved.  Our gaol is to give your floors that mirror finish that still appears wet.

The Cost is Minimal

Compared to the cost of a new tile floor proper maintenance is a drop in the bucket.  Our rates are competitive and our quality is leading the pack.  Contact us for a free estimate, you won't be disapointed.  Looking forward to hearing from you.