The Family Owned Business That Cares About Quality

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The Family Owned Business That Cares About Your Family Also

Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. was founded on the idea that a cleaning service should be proactive and not reactive.  Mr. Fletcher believes the customer should not see the dirt before the cleaning company does.  We provide this type of service at a reasonable cost with a wide flexabiliy of hours.  You will not be disapointed.

This proactive approach has earned Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. the reputation of the cleaning company that cares about your facility. 

Our Business Is Expanding

Fletcher's Windows Plus started as a window cleaning service and has evolved to become so much more. 

Our customers were so satisfied with the quality of service recieved they began asking for more.  After several requests for general cleaning services, Mr. Fletcher decided to venture into the areas of retail store cleaning, office cleaning, pre-move in/move out cleaning, and post construction cleaning services. Since that decision was made, Fletcher's Windows Plus grew by %500 its first year and over %300 its second year in business.  Banks, Medical Buildings, Warehouses, Retail Stores and many other types of businesses now utilize our services.

After incorporating in 2010, Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. began working with National Property Management Services to provide cleaning services at several Retail Facility Chains in Eastern and Central New York.  In 2011, the corporation experienced a %30 growth and has earned its position as one of the top Independent Retail Facility Cleaning service providers in the Albany area.  

Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. has developed a specialty in the area of Retail Facility Floor Cleaning Services and in the words of our customers and supply vendors, "achieved a success above the rest."  Focusing on cost, personnel, time, and other financial areas, Mr. Fletcher has developed streamlined services designed to keep costs down, provide quick and timely services, and still provide the proactive service our customers are accustomed to.

Mr. Fletcher has dedicated the company to a standard of quality above the average.  Along with that quality of service is the dedication to customer service.  Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. stands behid their work. You not only get the quality your looking for, you also get Mr.Fletcher's personal guarantee that Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. will do what it takes to make the customer happy.  Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc. currently has a 97% customer satisfaction rating and Mr. Fletcher is striving to please the other 3%.  With a 100% service completion ratio, and an on time percentage close behind, you get a company that is not only prepared but also has an established track history of "Getting the Job Done" to the customer's satisfaction.

Fletcher's Windows Plus uses only the best products and equipment.  Our products are specifically designed to not only provide the cleanliness your building deserves but also a pleasant odor upon opening your doors.  All of our equipment is new and/or maintained to specific standards.  This not only prevents equipment break-downs which may cause delays in service but also provides the safest environment for our personel as well as yours.

Along with the expansion in services came the expansion in personel and territory. Mr Fletcher personally trains all of our personel and provides them with the experience needed to get the job done on time and to your satisfaction.  Fletcher's Windows Plus, Inc started out local to the Rotterdam area and now services approximately 10,000 square miles of territory throughout Central and Eastern New York.

What Can You Expect

It has been our experience that there are three things more important to customers then the cost of our service.  These are privacy, security, and athority.  You can expect Fletchers Windows Plus to honor all these as well as keep the price reasonable.

Your place of business is special.  Many of our customers concider it as there place of sanctity, seperate from the rest of the world.  Our customers want their privacy respected.  Rest assured your  belongings are safe with us.

Your place of business is a large investment and our customers want to protect that investment.  Fletchers Windows Plus is fully insured to cover any damages and we are dilligent in respecting the safety and security of both the building and the people in it.

Your place of business is yours.  Our customers want to know if they want something done a certain way or at a certain time, it will be done that way.  With Fletchers Windows Plus, the customer is the boss.  After all, it's your place, you should be the one in charge.



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